2018 Fishing Regulations and Quick Guide:

Walleye/Pickerel: January 1 – March 1 and 2nd Saturday in May to December 31st
Sport Fishing; Limit 4; Must be between 40-50 cm -(15.7– 19.7 in)
Conservation Fishing; Limit 2; Must be between 40-50 cm –
(15.7– 19.7 in)

Bass: Open Season is between the 3rd Saturday in June to December 15th. Concerns have been expressed of fishing out of season and in shallow waters when the Bass are on their nests. 

Walleye Population on Wolfe Lake

Wolf Howl – 2018









How to Prevent Bear Encounters

Rare Butterflies of Wolfe Lake

Dandelion (Victoria Day) & Fall Colours (Thanksgiving) Studio Tours

Rosemary’s Bird Report

Green Lake and area bird list 2014 by Rosemary Anderson

Tent Caterpillars – Conversations with some cottagers on Wolfe Lake has shown that the identity of the problem caterpillars this year is misplaced.  Although we do have minor numbers of tent caterpillars and gypsy moth caterpillars this year the serious infestation is the Forest Tent Caterpillar which (contrary to their name) does not produce a tent at all.  They have seriously defoliated the trees along our shore, although the trees are producing replacement leaves already.

Shoreline Sightings