Directors and volunteers of the Association have been and continue to be engaged in a wide range of activities to promote our objectives. These include:


  • Setting out and maintain marker buoys each spring to warn boaters of dangerous shoals
  • Conduct and record regular water clarity and purity checks to serve as a data base and indication of potential sources of pollution for corrective action
  • Maintain close liaison with officials of the Townships of Rideau Lakes and South Frontenac regarding environmental, taxation, municipal and by-laws regulations and other concerns impacting on the Association objectives
  • Publish an annual newsletter and maintain a website to keep all members informed on the Lake Association and lake activities and concerns
  • Hold an Annual General Meeting each July to review, renew and evaluate plans, receive input on members concerns and to receive environmental and other information from qualified speakers and municipal representatives as well as from available pamphlets etc.
  • Organize annual corn roast and family fun day in August

Past Projects

  • Rehabilitation of Scanlan Creek to facilitate fish spawning
  • Performed video survey of the entire Wolfe Lake shore line for reference purposes