Wolfe Lake Featured in YouTube Video

This video was created by visitors to Wolfe Lake.  Click to see their work!



2 thoughts on “Wolfe Lake Featured in YouTube Video

  1. I couldn’t help but see a shirt on a little girl with a rush Henrietta shirt. go rush Henrietta , I live in rush ny. I have been in the same area since 1964. usually over at Christie lake, Jordan’s cottages. but have also been on other lakes in the surrounding area. the whole area and community are just the greatest with the greatest of memories. from palmerson lake to the north, to otty lake near perth, however I have never been to wolfe lake but have heard very good things about it and would like to visit some year. I now own a cottage in cape Vincent ny my wifes family home on the river. but will always remember and have great memories of the area. I am hoping to visit this year on our weeks vacation at the cottage. from the cape it like a 1.5 hr ride. sincerely Thomas r hauck thauck@rochester.rr.com

    • Hi Tom
      Thank you for visiting our site.I too have great memories of visiting the area(specifically Otty Lake)when i was a kid on vacation with my parents.It’s a special place for sure.
      Gord Moore

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