Welcome To The Wolfe Lake Association Website

Beautiful Wolfe Lake is located in the Eastern part of the Province of Ontario, in South Frontenac and Rideau Lakes Townships.

The quality of life we enjoy is co-dependent on the quality of our water source that supports aquatic, air and land base habitat.  The pristine waters of Wolfe Lake is the glue that’s makes it all possible.

The 57 Kilometers of shoreline surrounding Wolfe Lake is a mix of cottages, farmland and forest, with both gradual sloping shoreline and steeply pitched grades of rocky outcroppings and typical Canadian Shield scenery. There are eight islands within the lake: Derbyshire, Grape, Turnip, Woods, Horseshoe, Duck, Bateman, and Whitefish.

Both Canadian and American families have enjoyed Wolfe Lake for generations.  Its history is steeped in grand old family lodges including Green Shingles and Pinecrest  Lodges and the Duke, Traynor and Derbyshire Family properties.

The many secluded fishing spots hold a variety of game fish;  Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye (Pickerel) as well as pan fish species like Sunfish and Crappie.

The surrounding woods harbor a wide assortment of wildlife like Bear, Deer, Turkeys, Grouse and the endangered Black Rat Snake. Beavers, Mink, Fishers and Otters prowl the shoreline while Eagles, Blue Herons and Osprey soar overhead.

From the call of the Loon to Stargazing, our connection is Nature our passion is its preservation.